Mr. Ken (Woodie) Wood in his new book “Trade the Patterns: The Revolutionary Way of Trading the CCI” has clearly illustrate his WCCI system.

In the new frontier of trading, range bars are introduced to give us a better edge in our trading’s plan.  Each range bar has the same price increment without time involved.  Each bar closes either at the high of bar (HOB) or the low of  bar (LOB) regardless of where it opened.  In this regards, we can place a Buy/Sell Stop Limit order at either end of the bar breakout or bar close.

There are two categories of  WCCI Patterns:

1.   The Trend Continuous Pattern  which include the Zero Line Reject (ZLR); Trend Line Break (TLB); Tony Trade (TT) and GB100 (GB).

2.   The Trend Changing Pattern which include the Famir; Vegas and Ghost.

In our private trade room, a group of WCCI Traders and I day trade E-mini Futures and Forex with WCCI plus two other patterns (1) Reversal Bar on Price and (2) Flat Top/Bottom on the CCI.  These 2 patterns has consistently giving us high probability in day trades.

Please give me your valuable feedback and comments in the comments tab.  I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Trading


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